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Does Size Matter When Treating Asthma?
By Michael Mass, MD

The introduction of a new product for asthma called QVAR (beclomethasone dipropionate, IVAX Labs) has gotten some physicians thinking that size matters when treating asthma. A basic review of the dis... Read More

Inhaled Insulin - Is it for you?
By Susan Greco, MD, MPH

Take a deep breath - inhaled insulin has arrived. The recent FDA approval of Exubera represents the latest step in the continuing evolution of diabetes drug delivery technologies. Is this truly a tr... Read More

A New Drug for Chest Pain?
By Michael J. Koren, MD, FACC

Still having heart symptoms after bypasses or stents? You're not alone. Is help available? Despite advances in coronary stents and bypass surgery many patients still require medicine to control sym... Read More

Ask 100 doctors
By Michael Koren, MD, FACC

Ask 100 doctors is the hottest new medical information product on the market. Do you have a health question? Get 100 medical opinions faster than you can get into a physicians office.... Read More

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