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Can an ECG lead placement device improve clinical trials?
By Michael J Koren, MD FACC

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective. As a clinical research cardiologist, I have had the experience of waiting for an electrocardiogram (ECG) to rule out heart disease in a patient... Read More

Treating strokes with a small heart device
By Joseph Moore, MD

A sea captain, several hundred miles off the coast of West Africa, wakes up unable to move his right arm. He is flown to a hospital in the Azores for treatment and is found to have had a small stroke.... Read More

What’s in Gila Monster Saliva that Treats Diabetes AND Helps You Lose Weight?
By Charles Booras, MD

The Gila Monster (a poisonous lizard) only eats four times a year! To regulate glucose (sugar) after such infrequent eating it will release a substance called exendin to “turn on the pancreas” and dig... Read More

Are you ready for some weight loss?
By Jeff Jacqmein, MD

Many of us are. Virtually every day that I see patients I hear, "But doc, I do diet and exercise." I know many of you do. And many of you have trouble maintaining your ideal body weight... Read More

Pacemaker to treat heart failure – Fact or Fiction?
By Trevor Greene, MD

You may have heard about the growing buzz in the cardiology world -pacemakers to treat heart failure – but is this idea backed by scientific fact or is it high-tech fiction? Congestive heart failur... Read More

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