Business Testimonials

Memorial Hospital’s experience with Ask 100 Doctors and Encore Research Group has been exceptional. This unique service provides market researchers, hospitals and the general public with a mode of physician insight previously unavailable.

 Bradley Garcia, RN, MBA and Senior Vice President of Marketing
Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida

“I have read & re-read all of the responses to my question. This web site is phenomenal. I am humbled that so many doctors took the time to provide their opinion. Their answers were both informational & hopeful. I have shared all the responses with my family & friends. Their excitement mirrors mine. It’s comforting to me to know this resource is available. I hope others will find & use this wonderful web site. I am grateful I did. Again, I thank you greatly for helping to establish this much needed resource.”

Patient Member

I am excited to use this system (Ask 100 Doctors®) as an enhancement to my consulting practice,” said an experienced market research consultant after spending nearly an hour evaluating the technology.

Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant

“I am anxious to share this information with higher level marketing representative in my company. This information from our case will be useful to stimulate discussion and strategy for the future.”   

Major device company representative

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