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Annual Business Membership
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Business Members use the site and database to evaluate and understand the collective wisdom of physicians. Annual membership provides access to (5) individual user licenses allowing each individual user to designate keywords and receive emails indicating when our panelist address keyword issues. Users can review poll question percentages, editor's summaries and individual physician comments. Detailed analysis of respondents can be ordered free of charge.

Case Submission
Do you need a quick read on physician opinions? Our physicians are active partners interested in giving quality feedback in a fast and creative format. Our panel will typically provide 100 physician opinions within 2 days for a general medical survey and specialty questions may take longer.

Our Comprehensive Case Analysis technology matches you or your organization with a physician medical editor who will assist you in organizing your information for submission to the Ask 100 Doctors® panel. The medical editor may ask for details that will assist in crafting the case scenario submitted to our physician members as well as help decide which physicians should receive the survey.

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